About Us

Steve Sauter


As a lifelong entrepreneur, in 2019 an opportunity arose to acquire a customer base from a well-established lawn irrigation company, giving us the chance to return to the great outdoors.  A close friend made a decision to take his current business in a different direction and called on us to acquire the irrigation portion of his business to ensure no customer was left behind. Sunrise Irrigation was established to service the needs of lawn irrigation customers providing repairs, yearly maintenance, moves, adds, and changes for residential and commercial clients. With a background in lawn care, home remodel, telecommunications, and electronics this opportunity has allowed us to get back into what we have missed for many years, working outside! As of 2022 we are servicing about 250 customers with a mix of residential, commercial, and HOA properties. 

Sunrise Irrigation is a part of a group of small businesses called S&K Companies Inc. owned by Steve Sauter. We have years of experience from our other businesses to know what customers want and need. We believe the basics of a great company are built on safety, reliability, knowledge, and communication.  First and foremost, we carry an adequate amount of liability and auto insurance. We have a state issued cross connection inspector certification, giving us the knowledge and training to test, troubleshooting, and repair back flow prevention devices. We actively participate in continuing education from the most reputable parts distributors.  Lastly, we are committed to communication which is why we respond quickly to phone calls and emails.  We value and appreciate each and every one of our customers and are committed to following up with everyone in a timely manner.


If you are looking for professionalism, clear communication, quick turnaround time, and dependability we are the company to service your outdoor water needs. Our goal with every customer is to make sure they know they can trust us and that we are dedicated for the long haul!


Thank you for your trust and loyalty to Sunrise Irrigation, a division of S&K Companies Inc.


Steve Sauter, President


Simple, Straight-forward Pricing.

No contracts, no pricing bundles, no hassles, Only pay for what you need!

Spring start-up is $75 for up to 7 zones, $95 for 8-12 zones

State required back flow testing and filing is $85

Repair is $100 per hour (1 hour minimum) plus $50 trip charge, plus parts

Winterization is $95 for up to 7 zones, 8-12 zones is $115

Please call or email for pricing for larger homes and commercial properties