Irrigation System Maintenance Services

Maintenance and repair is what we do! Not sure who installed it or what brand of equipment you have, no need to worry!

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If you have an irrigation system you know that it requires yearly service to properly maintain it. We are here to help with all aspects of that. We work on all brands and can provide compatible parts for all manufacturers including Rain Bird, Hunter, Weathermatic, Rainmachine, Signature, K Rain, Toro, Irritrol, and RainPro. Our business is focused on easy and straightforward communication concerning repairs, maintenance, and scheduling. We take pride in providing a quick response time and completing all repair request within a few days.


It's inevitable sprinkler systems break. Since irrigation systems are under pressure and sprinkler heads have moving parts eventually they will wear out and need fixed. Did the lawn boy trip over one of your sprinkler heads again or hit it with the weed eater one too many times. We have you covered. Our repair trucks are stocked with all of the common parts to complete your repair in a timely manner.

Moves, adds, changes

When sprinkler systems are installed often times they are set up to provide the appropriate coverage for the desired area at that time. Down the road, that may not always be the case. People move, ideas change, and landscapes change. If you have changed your landscaping around, added new plants or flowers, or want to water a new area that the current sprinklers don’t cover we are here to help. We can move current sprinkler heads that no longer work for your landscaping layout or add new heads to cover the desired area. In some cases we can correct a water coverage area by simply changing out the sprinkler body or nozzle to increase flow or change the coverage area.

Consultation and Training

If you have recently moved into a new home that has an irrigation system we are more than happy to schedule a time to come out and meet with you. We will go over how the controller works, make any program changes that you see fit, and make sure your irrigation system is working the way you want it too.


There are a few ways to upgrade your irrigation system. The most common one would be changing out fan spray heads with new rotating heads to give more precise control of where water is going. Rotating nozzles are often times more efficient which means using less water than before. If you have a control box that is more than 10 years old you could be missing out on some new features like a rain sensor or WIFI module. A rain sensor is a device placed outside that communicates with your control panel and monitors when your lawn and landscape needs watered based on how much rain we receive. Essentially saving water which means saving money. The WIFI module would give you access to control your irrigation system by connecting it to your home and controlling it using your smart phone.

Spring Startup

Each spring we will start the irrigation system by pressurizing the water supply to all the zones in the yard. We will inspect the yard, valve boxes, backflow, sprinkler heads, and water lines for leaks or damage. We will make small adjustments to any sprinkler heads that are out of alignment, not spraying correctly, or not providing the appropriate coverage. This does not include digging or  physically re-positioning sprinkler bodies due to sinking or erosion.  We will ensure everything the controller is on and set for the desired watering times.

Backflow Testing

Each spring we will come out to your home, conduct the backflow test that is required by your local water provider, ensure the backflow device is working correctly, and submit the required paperwork to the local water utility and the homeowner.  


At the end of each year, sometime in October or November, we will come out and winterize your irrigation system. Winterizing is performed to prevent underground waterlines and sprinkler heads from freezing, cracking, and breaking. The winterizing of the irrigation system is done by using a large commercial grade air compressor, hooking a hose to the irrigation water line, and blowing air through the waterlines to remove all of the water from the system.

Simple, Straight-forward Pricing.

No contracts, no pricing bundles, no hassles, Only pay for what you need!

Spring start-up is $75 for up to 7 zones, $95 for 8-12 zones

State required back flow testing and filing is $90

Repair is $100 per hour (1 hour minimum) plus $50 trip charge, plus parts

Winterization is $95 for up to 7 zones, 8-12 zones is $115

Please call or email for pricing for larger homes and commercial properties